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Our work

Science education: inspiring teachers and students

Young people should understand more about how science is relevant to them.

Our work

How we engage the public

The people, projects and places we support include everyone from small community groups and charities to Nobel Prize winners and national galleries.

Our work

Public engagement support for researchers

Sharing your ideas with the public and getting new perspectives can enhance your research. We offer public engagement funding, advice and training opportunities for all Wellcome-funded researchers.

Our work

Africa and Asia: building strong research ecosystems

Developing the next generation of research leaders and the ecosystems they work in.

Our work

Longitudinal population studies

Over the past ten years, we’ve invested more than £120 million in longitudinal population studies in the UK and low- and middle-income countries.

All our websites

More about WT Grant Tracker, Wellcome Collection, Wellcome Library, Wellcome Images, Mosaic, Big Picture and our other websites.

Diversity and Inclusion Steering Group

This steering group gives strategic advice to shape Wellcome’s work on diversity and inclusion. 

Our work

Education grants awarded

Project summaries of the grants awarded under our education schemes.

Our work

Informal science learning

Informal learning experiences – like visiting museums, meeting scientists, watching YouTube videos and playing games – offer huge potential for young people to engage with and learn about science in a way that works for them.

Our work

Our Planet, Our Health: responding to a changing world

Climate change, urban growth and unsustainable food systems threaten lives. Research evidence and new collaborations could protect and improve human and planetary health.

Our work

Antibiotics are the basis of modern medicine. These projects aim to keep it that way.

Pioneering grassroots projects in four different areas of the world are using innovative approaches to make sure the antibiotics we already have remain effective for as long as possible.

Funding guidance

Open access policy

Our position statement in support of open and unrestricted access to published research.

Funding guidance

Costs grantholders can claim on a grant

This information is for Wellcome-funded grantholders based in UK and Irish organisations. This is a list of the types of costs that can be claimed on a grant.

Grant funding data

See our grant funding data, which includes the number of applications we get, the value of awards we make, who we fund and where.

An overview of our schemes that support careers in research

An overview of all our career-related funding

Funding guidance

Funding advisory committees

We have a number of committees, panels and expert review groups that shortlist and interview people who have applied for funding. 

Grant funding data 2017 to 2018

This data is about our funding activities up to October 2018. It shows the number and value of awards in our grant portfolio, our grant expenditure, and application and award rates.

Funding guidance

Research involving people in low- and middle-income countries

Guidance notes on research involving human participants living in low- and middle-income countries.

Science Interview Panel

This panel interviews candidates shortlisted for Investigator Awards, Collaborative Awards and senior fellowships. The panel is made up of a chair and up to ten members, all drawn from the lists below. Panel members are chosen for their broad scientific expertise and interviewing skills. If necessary, there will be additional experts on the panel.

Opinion 28 January 2020 Updated 5 February 2020

Race for new antibiotics: future success is hanging by a thread

Developing new antibiotics is one way of tackling the growing threat of drug-resistant infections. Tim Jinks explains why it's critical to step up investment in antibiotic development.