End of a grant

Here you can find links to information and resources that are useful at the end of your grant.


Grant end dates

Determining and extending the date a grant ends. 

Closing grant accounts when grants have ended

Our process for closing grant accounts.

10 per cent retention policy

Details of grant funds retained by the Wellcome Trust until an end-of-grant report has been submitted.

End of grant report forms

End of grant report form - most schemes

This form should be used for all grants and personal award schemes except Public Engagement grants, Biomedical Vacation Scholarships, Innovations schemes and some smaller Humanities and Social Science schemes, as listed below.

End of grant report form [DOC 213KB]

End of grant report form - small Humanities and Social Science schemes

This form should be used for all Humanities and Social Science Small Grants, Seed Awards, Research Resources and Research Bursaries schemes, as well as the Global Forum on Bioethics in Research Fellowships.

End of grant report form - H&SS Small Grants [DOCX 31KB]

End of grant report form - Four-year PhD Programmes

This form should be used by students for all Four-year PhD Programmes.

End of grant report form – Four-year PhD Programme [DOC 133KB]

End of grant report form - Public Engagement grants and International Engagements Awards

We have now moved grant reporting online. You should use WTGT to complete your form. We are no longer accepting Word forms. View the Sample End of Grant report form [PDF 1.7MB].

Log in to WTGT to complete your form

End of grant report form - Innovations awards

This form should be used for all Innovations awards.

End of award report form –€“ Innovations schemes [DOC 174KB]

Final Expenditure Reports

You should use the Final Expenditure Report on Wellcome Trust Grant Tracker (WTGT), in the My Organisation > Grant Reports section, to claim any outstanding spending on a grant that has ended.

The report will be available on WTGT when your grant ends. You'll get an email asking you to complete it.

Publications and reports

Requirements for publishing Wellcome Trust-funded research papers [PDF 49KB]

An open access checklist.

Research publication acknowledgement: requirement for authors

Requirements for acknowledging funders in publications.

Contact us

For grant-related queries please contact our grants information desk or one of our grants advisers:

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