Collaborative Awards in Science

Collaborative Awards promote the development of new ideas and speed the pace of discovery. We fund teams of researchers, consisting of independent research groups, to work together on the most important scientific problems that can only be solved through collaborative efforts.

Scheme at a glance

Career stage:

Intermediate, Senior

Where your host organisation is based:

UK, Republic of Ireland, Low- and middle-income countries

Type of researcher:

Basic, Clinical, Public health

Level of funding:

Up to £4 million

Duration of funding:

Up to 5 years

Eligibility and suitability

What we offer

How to apply



You’re consolidating your research career. You lead on research projects and are establishing a research team.


You’re an experienced researcher responsible for the strategic direction of your research programme(s) and team(s).

Republic of Ireland
Low- and middle-income countries

See a list of low- and middle-income countries, as defined by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).


You're not a clinically qualified researcher.


You're a clinically qualified medic, vet, dentist or psychologist.

Public health

Key dates

We consider applications three times a year.

November 2017 round

  • Preliminary application deadline

    15 November 2017, 17:00 GMT

  • Full application deadline

    26 February 2018, 17:00 GMT

  • Shortlisting

    April 2018

  • Interviews

    17–19 July 2018

April 2018 round

The application form will be available on Wellcome Trust Grant Tracker in late November 2017.

  • Preliminary application deadline

    24 April 2018, 17:00 BST

  • Full application deadline

    24 July 2018, 17:00 BST

  • Shortlisting

    September 2018

  • Decision

    27–29 November 2018

Contact us

Contact our information officers if you have a question about funding.

If you have a question about the scope and content of your proposal, contact the relevant person in our Science team.

People we've funded

Anita Thapar Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at Cardiff University Collaborative Awards in Science

Anita Thapar

As a clinical scientist, I believe that it is impossible to do top quality science unless I work with other people who have expertise in different areas.

Jonathan Marchini Professor in Statistical Genomics, University of Oxford  Collaborative Awards in Science

Jonathan Marchini

We needed to bring together our individual expertise and get postdoctoral support. Wellcome’s Collaborative Award allowed us to do that, and offered a lot of flexibility.
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