4 new immersive installations open at Wellcome Collection

Wellcome Collection’s latest exhibition, Somewhere in Between, brings together the work of four artists who have collaborated with scientists to give shape to intangible ideas.

The installations, by artists Martina Amati, Daria Martin, Maria McKinney and John Walter, have all been developed in close collaboration with scientists and researchers from the fields of physiology, neuroscience, immunology and genetics.

They are all recent works drawn from the rich range of arts projects funded by Wellcome, showing the power of collaboration and making connections across disciplines.

Somewhere in Between installations

‘Under’ by Martina Amati

Three immersive films take visitors deep underwater to experience free diving – diving without air supply. Developed with physiologist Kevin Fong, the films explore an act which defies the rational, and challenges scientific explanation.

‘Sensorium Tests' and 'At The Threshold’ by Daria Martin

Two 16mm films about mirror-touch synaesthesia, a condition where people experience the sensation of what another person is touching. The artist worked with cognitive neuroscientist Michael Banissy, as well as people with lived experience, to explore ideas about the possibilities of empathy and connection.

‘Sire’ by Maria McKinney

Featuring large photographic portraits of bulls and sculptures made with artificial insemination straws, the project was created with geneticist David MacHugh, veterinary scientist Michael Doherty and Irish farming communities to highlight the hidden systems behind beef and milk production.

‘Alien Sex Club’ by John Walter

In collaboration with sexual health providers and Alison Rodger, a specialist doctor and researcher in infectious diseases and HIV, this colourful installation highlights changing attitudes to HIV, through sculpture, performance, painting and video, laid out in the style of a ‘cruise maze’.

Somewhere in Between’ runs until 27 August 2018.

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