Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience Expert Review Group

This expert review group shortlists candidates for:

Its remit includes: 


Professor Miles Whittington (Chair)

Hull York Medical School

Professor Peter Robin Hiesinger

Free University of Berlin, Germany

Professor Christine Klein

University of Lübeck, Germany

Dr Máté Lengyel

University of Cambridge

Professor Peter Magill

University of Oxford

Professor Giovanna Mallucci

University of Cambridge

Professor Oscar Marin

King's College London

Professor Christophe Mulle

University of Bordeaux, France

Dr Isabel Perez-Otano

University of Navarra, Spain

Dr Antonella Riccio

MRC Laboratory for Molecular Cell Biology, University College London

Professor Jackie Schiller

Israel Institute of Technology


Zoe Broomfield

Neurosciences and Mental Health Team Manager

Wellcome Trust


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