Springboard Awards

Springboard Awards provide small grants to support basic biomedical scientists as they develop their independent research careers. The scheme is a collaboration between the Academy of Medical Sciences (AMS) and the Wellcome Trust.

Scheme at a glance

Career stage:

Postdoctoral research, Leading a research programme

Where your host organisation is based:


Type of researcher:

Basic, Public health

Level of funding:

Up to £100,000, with research assistance and expenses

Duration of funding:

Two years

Eligibility and suitability

What we offer

How to apply


Postdoctoral research

For researchers with a PhD or equivalent.

Leading a research programme

For researchers with a PhD or the equivalent, and significant postdoctoral research experience.


You're not a clinically qualified researcher.

Public health

Develop your research career

See our other schemes for researchers who are interested in postdoctoral research or leading a research programme.

Key dates

The Academy of Medical Sciences considers applications once a year. The 2017/18 competition is now closed for applications.

Contact us

If you have a question, contact the Academy of Medical Sciences: