Your Life: Wellcome Trust supports campaign to boost female participation in science

The Wellcome Trust has signed up to a new campaign to encourage greater participation in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM), especially among women.

The UK campaign, Your Life, aims to support a change in how women and girls are encouraged to consider technology and engineering careers and the subject choices or vocational pathways that lead to them. The Wellcome Trust is one of over 170 partners, including educators, industry and government, who have pledged to support Your Life and boost female participation in STEM.

Hilary Leevers, Head of Education and Learning at the Wellcome Trust, said: "The Wellcome Trust is committed to encouraging and supporting women in STEM education and careers. We aim to not only be strong advocates for this, but to actively work to contribute to increasing the numbers of girls and young women studying STEM subjects at A level, degree and beyond, in line with national ambitions. From funding and working with the National Science Learning Centre to help teachers deliver appropriate STEM education, to encouraging Wellcome Trust employees and grantholders to speak at events and present positive role models, as well as offering Research Career Re-entry Fellowships and funding continuing professional development courses, we are delighted to pledge our commitment to the Your Life campaign."

The Your Life campaign launched on 7 May 2014.