The weird and wonderful world of plants

The latest issue of Big Picture, Wellcome's educational publication, is digging into the world of plants. They are responsible for much of what keeps life going, so we wanted to find out what’s going on under the surface. 

Big questions

How can the world produce enough food to sustain an increasing population? There are many potential answers, as Big Picture finds out.

Our Hydroponics and the future of farming article considers whether growing plants without soil is the answer?

Or do dwarf breeds hold the key? Perhaps RuBisco, one of the most abundant enyzmes in the world, will play a role.

Resources for teachers and schools

Whether you're teaching plants or revising them for upcoming exams, we've created some in-depth resources that to help. 

This issue is a fantastic complement to The Crunch school resources kits, which are being delivered in the next few weeks to every school and FE college in the UK.

And just for a little fun…

No issue of Big Picture would be complete without delving into the arts. That's why we’ve scoured science fiction books and films fom Little Shop of Horrors to The War of the Worlds to discover the best plants invented and the real-life species that inspired them.