Time for 'The Crunch', as Wellcome launches initiative to get the nation thinking about food and drink

The future of food is one of the biggest challenges on our plate. Our relationship with food is changing, affecting our health and the world around us in new and uncertain ways. The Wellcome Trust is launching The Crunch, to encourage people in the UK to explore these changes and inspire us all to create a recipe for a happier, healthier future.

The Crunch is an exciting year of activities, experiences and discussions about our food, our health and our planet. From October 2015, the initiative will begin recruitment for a team of The Crunch Ambassadors, with the majority of events happening throughout 2016.

Working with a network of commissioned partners, the Wellcome Trust will be delivering free engaging experiences to people all over the UK. Activities include:

Simon Chaplin, Director of Culture and Society at Wellcome, comments: "One of Wellcome’s key priorities is to build understanding of how global food systems and urbanisation connect to health. An essential part of that is to understand what those connections mean for people in their day-to-day lives. Through The Crunch, we will empower people to learn more and encourage conversation about the links between our food, our health and our planet."

For further information go to The Crunch or contact thecrunch@wellcome.ac.uk