The Sick of the Fringe returns to Edinburgh

The Sick of the Fringe is returning to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2016 to explore the connections between health, art and science.

The Sick of the Fringe (TSOTF) was commissioned by Wellcome to highlight work at the Fringe that addresses issues around wellbeing, sickness, medicine, bodies and disability. It runs events for performers and the public, and connects artists who are engaging with these themes.

Fringe artists can also submit their work to a team of over 25 writers, from arts critics to science journalists, who develop detailed 'diagnoses' for performances. Each diagnosis will be added to the TSOTF website, building a resource that connects shows across the whole of the festival.

TSOTF's events will include a series at Fringe Central, Tickets to my Trauma, for artists making autobiographical pieces about their bodies and health. The series will help them explore how best to promote and protect their work.

TSOTF will also include drop-in sessions about best practice, events for producers, funding advice and a pub quiz at Doctors

The opening event will feature Wellcome's director, Dr Jeremy Farrar. He says: "Science does not, and cannot, exist in a vacuum. It is in the connections between people and ideas, the accidental conversations that spark debate and discussion, and the dialogue across disciplines that we find new, exciting ways of thinking and working."

If you're an artist taking a show to Edinburgh and want to get involved, The Sick of the Fringe team would like to hear from you. Follow @TSOTFringe on Twitter and use the hashtag #TSOTF16 to connect with the project and the TSOTF community.   

TSOTF was conceived by artist, performer and Wellcome Engagement Fellow Brian Lobel. It's led by him and producer Tracy Gentles, of In Company Collective.

For more information please read the press release.