A Museum of Modern Nature exhibition opens at Wellcome Collection

Wellcome Collection’s latest exhibition is made up of objects borrowed by the public, creating a collective snapshot of the way people relate to nature in modern life.  

Garden gnome

Credit: Wellcome Collection

Garden gnome featured at Wellcome Collection's exhibition.

From the garden gnome that is a family heirloom, to the asthma inhaler that sparked a career in environmentalism, each object tells a unique and personal story.

"Gathered together and placed on display these objects offer a different way of looking at the natural world," says exhibition curator Honor Beddard. "They may help us to visualise the links between how we live our lives and the future health of the planet."

Highlights include:

The objects chosen to go on display were selected by a small team of people who work with nature every day, including a dairy farmer, a horticultural scientist and a plant medicine shaman. 

A digital project, Sharing Nature, runs alongside the exhibition. It showcases images and ideas submitted by the public on different aspects of nature. Share yours on Twitter at #SharingNature17.

A Museum of Modern Nature runs from 22 June to 8 October 2017 at Wellcome Collection.

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