Katie Anastasi-Frankovics is Wellcome's new Director of Innovations

We are making two new appointments to Wellcome’s Executive Leadership Team (ELT) – Katie Anastasi-Frankovics is becoming Director of Innovations and Karen Chadwick is now Finance Director.

Director of Innovations Katie Anastasi-Frankovics (left) and Finance Director Karen Chadwick (right)

Credit: Wellcome

Katie Anastasi-Frankovics (left) and Karen Chadwick are new appointments to Wellcome's executive team.

Katie, who is a lawyer, joined Wellcome in 2011. Recently, she has had responsibility for strategic planning in Innovations, and assessing the impact of Innovations-supported research. 

She succeeds Stephen Caddick, who has led the Innovations team for the past five years and is stepping down in April 2020. 

Karen, who is a chartered accountant, has been an ELT member for the past year as acting Chief Financial Officer. 

Her appointment as Finance Director is a new role reporting to Chief Operating Officer Paul Schreier.

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