Invisible Worlds planned for Eden Project

Wellcome is awarding £1.9m to the Eden Project in Cornwall to create a permanent, immersive exhibition revealing the inextricable links between the health of humanity and the planet we inhabit. 

The investment from Wellcome’s Capital Awards will support the creation of 'Invisible Worlds' – ten new exhibits exploring our relationship to the world around and inside us, from microbiology to the trends affecting our future.

'Invisible Worlds' will build on the success of 'Invisible You' in 2015. It explored the human microbiome – the trillions of microbes inside us. The exhibition, which was supported by Wellcome, is one of the most popular that Eden has staged.

Simon Chaplin, Wellcome's Director of Culture and Society, said: "Understanding the links between our health and our planet is critical to our shared future. Through 'Invisible You' the Eden Project revealed the fascinating microbial world within each of us, and in Invisible Worlds they will take this innovative approach a step further, creating a compelling and engaging introduction to the interconnectedness of life and the environment at every scale."

Refurbishment work begins in May 2017. 'Invisible Worlds' will open in spring 2018.

For more information, please read our press release.