Inspiring Science Fund to support science centres

The Inspiring Science Fund is a new £30 million capital scheme to support science centres across the UK. Launched in August, the scheme is co-funded by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) and Wellcome.

Children take part in an electronic physics experiment with teacher

Credit: iStock/Rawpixel

We're committed to supporting spaces which bring the public closer to science and health, and science centres play a vital role in this. The partnership between BEIS and Wellcome is a great opportunity to invest in and renew these facilities, and help meet audience needs in the future. 

The scheme will help centres to rethink what they do and what they offer to the public. It will support projects that:

  • create opportunities for young people and the public to learn about and engage with science, technology, engineering and maths 
  • better meet audience needs, with an increased focus on under-represented and underserved audiences
  • could improve the centre’s financial sustainability and resilience.

Over 50 organisations came to workshops in early August to find out more about the scheme. Participants were positive – seeing it as a much-needed boost for the sector.

Dom McDonald will be managing the scheme and supporting science centres to develop their ideas and applications. Previously Head of Public Engagement at Science Oxford, Dom brings a wealth of experience to the role. You can contact him for more information at

Read more about the Inspiring Science Fund. The deadline for the first round of applications is 14 October 2016.