Final 'Wellcome News' published

The new issue of 'Wellcome News' – the last to be produced by the Wellcome Trust – is out now.

The summer 2013 issue of 'Wellcome News€™' has been published. This will be the final ever issue.

Inside, the lead feature focuses on Professor Nancy Papalopulu from the University of Manchester, who tells us why – whether you're a cell, a frog or a scientist – timing is everything.

You can also read our interview with the newly appointed Director of the Wellcome Trust, Professor Jeremy Farrar, as well as a retrospective on his predecessor Sir Mark Walport's time at the helm.

Professor Anke Ehlers talks new treatments for post-traumatic stress disorder and Professor Mark Jackson tells us how his house flooding inadvertently gave him first-hand experience for his new book 'The Age of Stress'.

Dr Erinma Ochu and Dr David Colthurst - both advocates of getting people involved in real research – share their experiences of citizen science and school science, respectively.

We explore the heart in 'Nuts and bolts' and the first issue of the forerunner of 'Wellcome News' gets scrutinised in 'From the archive'.

Why is this the final issue? The Trust, like many organisations, is changing the way it communicates, taking a 'digital first' approach. This doesn't mean that we will stop producing all printed materials. However, it does mean that 'Wellcome News' is being discontinued, as we concentrate our efforts on a new digital publication with a broader focus and wider reach. 

Thank you to everyone who has contributed in any way to 'Wellcome News' over its life. Don't forget that you can continue to follow the Trust's activities on the Wellcome Trust Blog, and through our Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts. If you are supported by the Trust, you will continue to receive '˜Grantholders'€™ News'.