Entry deadline for Wellcome Image Awards 2014

It has been confirmed that the next Wellcome Image Awards exhibition will take place in early 2014: any images submitted to Wellcome Images before 30 September will be considered. Judging will take place in October, and the winners will be announced at an event in March next year.

The Wellcome Image Awards celebrate creative and captivating images, bringing to life a wealth of scientific and medical discovery. From detailed microscopy and clinical photography to illustration, the Awards are an opportunity to showcase images that capture the wonder of science.

Catherine Draycott, Head of Wellcome Images, comments: "Each year we are delighted by the quality of the images that are submitted to our collection, both aesthetically and in terms of the science and techniques behind them. The ability of an image to tell a story is a powerful one, and this year we hope to receive even more images that communicate strongly some of the health challenges we are facing."

The Wellcome Images team are always interested in receiving submissions on any area of biomedical science or medicine, and they aim to continue collecting and preserving imagery relevant to new scientific advances and across all types of artistic media and imaging techniques.

The team are particularly keen to receive images relating to the impact of our changing environment on health and the global nutrition crisis imposed by the dual challenges of hunger and obesity, as well as to increase the number of images relating to pathogens and the immune system.

Previous years' winners have included a photograph of a living human brain, a reconstructed image of an aneurysm using computed tomography (an X-ray scanning technique that produces cross-sectional images), and a micrograph using fluorescence to capture the vascular system of a chicken embryo.

The winning images will go on display at the Wellcome Trust's headquarters in London and on the Wellcome Image Awards website. In addition, all submitted images will be added to the Wellcome Images collection of more than 180,000 images, which is used by broadcasters, publishers and academics across the world.

Images are also made available to access freely online for personal, academic or non-commercial use. All contributors receive commission and full credit for image uses, while retaining their original material and copyright.

For more information about the collection and how to contribute, visit Wellcome Images or contact images@wellcome.ac.uk. Information about previous winners is available on the Wellcome Image Awards website, along with a film clip that gives behind-the-scenes look at the judging process.