Director's update: G20 leaders' pledges on global health

G20 leaders united to make crucial pledges on global health at the weekend. Wellcome’s Director Jeremy Farrar gives an overview.

Infectious disease outbreaks, the rise of drug-resistant infections and the impacts of climate change on health are urgent global problems that threaten the health of millions.

These are all priority areas for Wellcome, and we have been arguing for some time that they should be prominent on the global political agenda. We are already working to drive advances to ensure communities across all borders are better prepared to cope with these health threats.

At G20, under Germany’s leadership, these issues are now getting the attention they deserve. We saw real commitment to draw together the international political will which has been building – and ensure this becomes action. For Wellcome, the promises are opportunity to work with the global community closer still to effect change.

We look forward to seeing rapid progress on the following goals, set out in the G20 leaders’ communique:

Epidemic preparedness

The leaders’ announcement came alongside news that the Norwegian government will make an extra $70m commitment to CEPI, and that Canada and Australia will join it.

Drug-resistant infections

Africa Partnership

Climate change

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