Director's update

Jeremy Farrar hails what our community of researchers has achieved in an eventful year.

Embryonic developmental biology in Cambridge, palliative care policies in Scotland, a magnetic blood filter for treating severe malaria, the opening of the Francis Crick Institute…

In our Annual Report and Financial Statements, we highlight many achievements made with Wellcome support in the past year, and the continued strong performance of the investment portfolio that funds our work.

As ever, there is so much more we could have included: our expenditure on charitable activities was £992 million this year and we are proud of everyone we fund.

2016 has certainly been eventful. Political landscapes have shifted, and it is not yet clear what the implications will be for science, research and societies. We are working hard, with others, to ensure the best possible outcomes for our work and the people we support. But research is not a passive element in such processes. As a community, we help shape the future, both through the research we do and the way we do it.

Faced with the global challenges and the opportunities of the 21st century we will all have to redouble our efforts to work together across borders and across disciplines. Research benefits from a diversity of perspectives working in partnership to advance ideas, seize opportunities and drive reform, all with the ultimate aim of improving human health.

I wish everyone a festive and peaceful end of year and I look forward to hearing about your achievements in the year to come.