The Crunch puts British breakfasts under the spotlight

The Crunch is putting the nation’s favourite breakfasts under the spotlight to get Britain thinking about the connections between our food, our health and our planet.

Working with the Carbon Trust, The Crunch has created 'foodprints' of five of the nation's favourite breakfasts, to show how different dishes affect our bodies and the environment. 

The Crunch has also teamed up with Thomasina Miers, TV chef and co-founder of Wahaca. She's created a new recipe for healthy, sustainable breakfast muffins, especially for the campaign.

Thomasina said: "We all know that it's 'the most important meal of the day', but whether it's coffee to go or a full English breakfast, how much do you really know about what went into your breakfast? Our food choices are incredibly important to our health and the environment so it's worth thinking about. That's why I'm delighted to be working with The Crunch to help people explore the links between our food, our health and our planet."

The Crunch is a year of free activities, experiences and discussions to encourage people to take a fresh look at their relationship with food, and consider how what we eat connects to our health and the environment.

The Crunch was created by the Wellcome Trust. Activities will be delivered by schools, science centres and a network of ambassadors up and down the UK.

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