Protecting mental health: call for Frontiers Innovators

We're holding our next Frontiers meeting on 3-4 October this year. The topic is 'Protecting Mental Health - acting early against anxiety and depression'.

Most mental health conditions are chronic. Over 75 per cent begin before the age of 24 and half begin by the age of 15.1  

We're interested in exploring whether there is more Wellcome can do to accelerate research in mental health, specifically for the prevention and early detection of anxiety and depression.

This Frontiers meeting is to help shape our strategy and how we work in this area. We want to:

We're inviting applications to attend the meeting from early-career researchers and professionals who want to become a Frontiers Innovator. You can work in academia, industry, education or any sector relevant to mental health.

Frontiers Innovators are a core part of our Frontiers meetings. We want you to share your experiences and knowledge, drive conversations and help devise fresh solutions with other innovators and experts in the field.

The deadline for applications is Monday 1 August 2016.

Find out more about why this subject is important to us and how to apply.