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News | 19 September 2013

'Thinking with the Body' opens at Wellcome Collection

Wellcome Collection's autumn exhibition 'Thinking with the body' explores a series of long-standing interdisciplinary projects organised by Wayne McGregor | Random Dance to investigate creativity in dance.

News | 18 September 2013

Chronic inflammation of blood vessels could help explain high childhood mortality in malaria regions

Recurrent episodes of malaria cause chronic inflammation in blood vessels that might predispose people to future infections and may increase susceptibility to cardiovascular disease, a Wellcome Trust study in Malawian children has found.

News | 12 September 2013

Vaccine campaign in sub-Saharan Africa reduces meningitis by 94 per cent

A mass immunisation campaign with a new vaccine against a specific type of meningitis reduced the incidence of all cases of meningitis by 94 per cent in vaccinated areas, a study published today in the 'Lancet' has shown.

News | 11 September 2013

Sir William Castell opens new MRI centre at the University of York

A new centre for magnetic resonance imaging is being opened at the University of York today by Sir William Castell, Chairman of the Wellcome Trust.

News | 4 September 2013

Gene linked to mitochondrial disease will aid diagnosis

An international team of researchers has identified the genetic basis of a rare but fatal type of mitochondrial disease. The findings will help doctors to more accurately diagnose the disease and determine who does not have it.

News | 3 September 2013

Applications now accepted for Wellcome Trust-MIT Postdoctoral Fellowships

The Wellcome Trust, in partnershipwith the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), is offering opportunities for early-career postdoctoral researchers to carry out interdisciplinary research at MIT.

News | 22 August 2013

Schizophrenia symptoms linked to faulty 'switch' in the brain

A study published today in the journal 'Neuron' links the symptoms of psychosis experienced by people with schizophrenia to a faulty 'switch' within the brain.

News | 16 August 2013

Funding opportunities for early career and returning scientists

The Wellcome Trust offers two funding opportunities for exceptional scientists who wish to build their independent careers: Sir Henry Wellcome Postdoctoral Fellowships, and Career Re-entry Fellowships.

News | 16 August 2013

Entry deadline for Wellcome Image Awards 2014

It has been confirmed that the next Wellcome Image Awards exhibition will take place in early 2014: any images submitted to Wellcome Images before 30 September will be considered. Judging will take place in October, and the winners will be announced at an event in March next year.

News | 15 August 2013

Scars in cancer cell DNA are ‘smoking gun’ of disease development

A comprehensive map of scars left behind on the DNA of cancer cells is helping to reveal the biological processes underlying the genetic mutations that cause disease. The findings could reveal new ways to treat and prevent a wide range of cancers.

News | 13 August 2013

Unexplored Riches in Medical History project gets second grant

The Children's Society's Unexplored Riches in Medical History project has received a second grant of £102,309 from the Wellcome Trust's Research Resources scheme.

News | 9 August 2013

Toddler height linked to learning and adult risk of chronic disease in low- and middle-income countries

Children from low- and middle-income countries who grow taller in height during the first two years of life may do better at school and be healthier adults, whereas those who gain weight rapidly after the age of two are at higher risk of chronic diseases in later life.