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Wellcome is planning to open a small office in the German capital later this year so that we can work more closely with our international partners on shared priorities.

Spotting brain injuries from babies’ brainwaves, and predicting the best way to tailor stroke care to individual patients are two examples of how digital technology is transforming health. The projects are funded through our Innovator Awards.

Sir Roger Gibbs

News | 6 October 2018

Sir Roger Gibbs, 1934-2018

Sir Roger was Chairman of Wellcome from 1989 to 1999 and laid the foundations for what Wellcome has become today

A special feature to mark the Wellcome Sanger Institute's first 25 years.

In this blog I’m focusing on using knowledge effectively, the third pillar of Wellcome’s Science strategy.

To support the best science, the UK and EU must come to a mutually beneficial compromise, says Wellcome's Director Jeremy Farrar.

Image of woman writing

Opinion | 27 September 2018

Collaboration was key to success in latest Public Engagement Fund awards by Greer Roberts, Alexandra Parsons

The second round of awards through our Public Engagement Fund, plus tips for future applicants.

Patient wearing a face mask sits on a bed in a clinic

Opinion | 27 September 2018

This is TB's moment and it must be seized by Jeremy Farrar

Two scientific breakthroughs and a global meeting mean there is an opportunity to move TB from the doldrums.

Director of Innovation Stephen Caddick explains what flagships are, how they’ll work and what we want to achieve.