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Young people are marching in protest at global leaders’ failure to tackle climate change. Howie Frumkin hopes that young people’s actions may shape all our futures.

Wellcome is making £2 million available to the WHO and government of DRC to support vaccine research as part of the emergency response to the Ebola outbreak.

illustration of influenza bacteria

Opinion | 1 March 2019

Vaccines work – for superbugs too by Ed Whiting

There's a vital set of tools to help us tackle the threat of superbugs that we're not using to their full potential. Vaccines.

Jim Smith seated at a round table listening to other people talking.

Opinion | 26 February 2019

How we’re approaching Wellcome’s science review by Jim Smith

We're working hard to clarify what we hope the science review will achieve, how we’ll carry it out and who we’ll speak to.

A woman scientist handling test tubes at UK Biobank.

Opinion | 19 February 2019

Open access and Plan S: how Wellcome is tackling four key concerns by Robert Kiley, David Carr

There has been lots of reaction to the changes we’re making to Wellcome’s open access policy. This is how we are addressing them.

A man being vaccinated in an Ebola vaccine trial in Liberia

Opinion | 15 February 2019

This is a pivotal moment for clinical trial regulations by Beth Thompson

Globally, clinical research is governed by guidelines established almost three decades ago. And Brexit is a looming issue for UK trials.

News about future improvements to the fund and tips for writing strong applications.

Mike Turner

News | 22 January 2019

Acting Director of Science announced

Mike Turner has been appointed Acting Director of Science at Wellcome.

Developing new vaccines is challenging, costly and complex. CEPI is a new model for funding vaccine development which aims to change this.