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Professor Sir Peter Ratcliffe

News | 7 October 2019

Nobel prize awarded to Wellcome-funded researcher

Professor Sir Peter Ratcliffe has been awarded a Nobel prize in physiology or medicine.

Coloured scanning electron micrograph of a human embryo at the eight-cell stage

Opinion | 25 July 2019

Initiative brings biologists together to crack the secrets of human development by Andrew Chisholm and Sheny Chen

The Human Developmental Biology Initiative is a £10 million project to provide insights into how humans develop – from one cell to billions of cells making up our tissues and organs.

World Health Organization logo

Opinion | 20 May 2019

5 matters of urgency for the World Health Assembly 2019 by Jeremy Farrar

Jeremy Farrar on five things that need urgent attention at this year's World Health Assembly.

Woman wearing MEG scanner

News | 20 December 2018

10 ways remarkable research is protecting health

During 2018 we've featured stories about trailblazing research by people we support. Here are some highlights.

Jim Smith, Wellcome's Director of Science

Opinion | 3 October 2018

Used effectively, your research can improve policy and practice

In this blog I’m focusing on using knowledge effectively, the third pillar of Wellcome’s Science strategy.

A single human kidney cell using super-resolution microscopy

News | 14 June 2018

How to make sense of the body's billions of cells

An ambitious international project is attempting to create a 'Google map' of the human body by making three-dimensional maps of every human cell. It could transform our understanding of many diseases and how to treat them.

Jim Smith, Director of Science

Opinion | 9 May 2018

What is the best way to decide who to fund?

How should Wellcome identify the most able and dedicated researchers, and how we should support, and recognise, team science.

A high-resolution image of a natural killer cell

News | 29 April 2018

Eight cutting-edge immunology projects we fund

29 April is World Immunology Day 2018. Divya Shah and Pete Gardner, from our Science team, highlight some of the researchers we fund who are exploring different aspects of immunology and the immune system.

Azim Surani

News | 27 March 2018

Azim Surani wins Gairdner award for discovery of genomic imprinting

His pioneering contributions to the understanding of imprinting opened up the field of epigenetics. 

Man in car studying map.

News | 13 March 2018

Wellcome's goals: support global research to tackle global challenges

In March 2017, Wellcome announced five ambitious goals to support research globally. Today we look at what we have achieved so far and what we are working towards in 2018.