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Picture of Paul Schreier, Wellcome's new Chief Operating Officer

News | 30 August 2019

Paul Schreier is new Chief Operating Officer at Wellcome

Paul Schreier has been appointed as Wellcome's Chief Operating Officer (COO).

Illustration showing two petri dishes with EU flag stars

News | 27 July 2019

'The final months of 2019 could be a tipping point for UK science'

The text of our letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, calling on him to set out his vision for UK science as soon as possible.

Illustration showing lightbulb 'idea' and UK currency pound symbol

News | 18 July 2019

New funding to boost global research capacity in humanities and social science

We’ve launched two new calls to fund international exchange programmes and research development activities for humanities and social science researchers around the world.

A woman scientist handling test tubes at UK Biobank.

Opinion | 19 February 2019

Open access and Plan S: how Wellcome is tackling four key concerns by Robert Kiley, David Carr

There has been lots of reaction to the changes we’re making to Wellcome’s open access policy. This is how we are addressing them.

Alyson Fox, Wellcome Director of Grants

News | 17 January 2019

Researchers can now transfer Wellcome grants outside the UK

Alyson Fox, our Director of Grants, explains why we’re changing our policy on transferring grants to ensure research can thrive in the UK, EU and beyond.

Woman wearing MEG scanner

News | 20 December 2018

10 ways remarkable research is protecting health

During 2018 we've featured stories about trailblazing research by people we support. Here are some highlights.

Illustration showing financial bar chart

News | 18 December 2018

Value of Wellcome’s investments passes £25 billion

Our investments portfolio grew to almost £25.9 billion by 30 September 2018, strengthening our ambition to spend more than £5 billion over five years on charitable activities.

Woman who is three months pregnant.

Opinion | 6 December 2018

Social science research: a much-needed tool for epidemic control by João Rangel de Almeida

Researchers are helping to uncover ethical and practical challenges that are critical to the people caught in the middle of an epidemic.

Mother with eight-week-old daughter, surrounded by family members.

News | 21 November 2018

How research is helping kids growing up with congenital Zika syndrome

Three years on from an unprecedented epidemic in Central and South America, families affected by Zika are still benefiting from research studies supported since the outbreak began.

The Fernsehturm, Alexanderplatz, Berlin

News | 11 October 2018

Wellcome's Berlin office will focus on global health

Wellcome is planning to open a small office in the German capital later this year so that we can work more closely with our international partners on shared priorities.

World map showing Wellcome's global funding

Opinion | 1 October 2018

No-deal Brexit would stall the NHS medical revolution

To support the best science, the UK and EU must come to a mutually beneficial compromise, says Wellcome's Director Jeremy Farrar.

Wellcome's logo

News | 26 July 2018

Wellcome to use Researchfish for reporting research outcomes

From February 2019, Wellcome will ask most Science and Humanities & Social Science grantholders to use the Researchfish platform when reporting research outcomes at the end of their awards.