Vaccines prevent disease, save countless lives and cut healthcare costs. We want to help develop new vaccines and work out how to use the existing ones in a better way.

The human and economic cost of epidemics is unsustainable. Effective research and coordinated action stop outbreaks spiralling into global health emergencies.

Mental health treatments are no more advanced today than 30 years ago. We are leading a radical new approach to drive the science forward and improve people’s lives.

Climate change, urban growth and unsustainable food systems threaten lives. Research evidence and new collaborations could protect and improve human and planetary health.

This is one of the world’s biggest hidden health crises. We want to transform the way snakebite treatments are researched and delivered to bring them into the 21st century.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and data technologies are transforming research and healthcare. We want to make sure everyone benefits from health data innovation.