Our principles

Wellcome exists to improve health for everyone by helping great ideas to thrive. To make this happen, we need a working culture that brings out the best in all of us. These new principles set out how we aspire to do things and what we should expect of one another. If you like the sound of them, maybe you’d like to work with us.

We make it count

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  • We use our talents, energy and resources in Wellcome’s best interests, to accomplish our mission of improving health.
  • We make sure we know what counts as success and we focus on getting it done.
  • We help each other take pride and pleasure in everything we achieve.

We act boldly

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  • We use our initiative to make things happen, and we take ownership of our actions.
  • We enable one another to make decisions, trusting our colleagues’ skills and judgement.
  • We speak up and we speak honestly, being free with our praise, open about our concerns, and willing to listen.

We stretch ourselves

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  • We’re always looking to improve, developing ourselves and our resilience, while keeping work and life in balance.
  • We think creatively, challenging conventions if there’s a better way to get things done.
  • We’re keen to try new things, in the knowledge that some will fail – and when they do, we learn and move on.

We pull together

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  • We value our colleagues as people and treat each other fairly, with kindness and respect.
  • We collaborate across Wellcome and beyond to achieve our aims, generously sharing our time, information and expertise.
  • We take action to include a diverse mix of people and draw on one another’s perspectives, backgrounds and experience.