Grants awarded

New facets of human enhancement drugs: the case of microdosing psychedelics


Dr Dimitrios Liokaftos

Liverpool John Moores University

United Kingdom

Human enhancement drugs have sparked intense public debates, interventions and research. Their use raises questions around fairness and how we understand ourselves as humans. As new substances and attitudes spread in new populations, scientists identify and assess health risks. This research will investigate the emerging trend of microdosing psychedelics. Microdosing is the regular use of sub-perceptive doses of substances such as LSD or magic mushrooms, a practice that has been portrayed in the media extensively in recent years. Users report benefits such as enhancement in cognitive performance, mood, creativity, physical energy and interpersonal relations, as well as reduced depression and anxiety. 

To understand this fascinating phenomenon, I will use interviews with people involved in this trend and explore the ways they think, act and talk about it. Thus I hope to create a detailed picture that will enrich our common understanding of people’s motivations, experiences and needs.