Grants awarded

Changing in/fertilities


Prof Sarah Franklin

University of Cambridge

United Kingdom


Prof Marcia Inhorn

Yale University

United States

Alongside the rapid expansion of assisted fertility services worldwide have come changes in how fertility and infertility are perceived, defined and experienced. Once aimed at people with fertility difficulties, modern assisted reproductive technology (ART) marketing is increasingly aimed at the fertile population, and at new sectors such as the LGBTQ community. More fertility services have also created greater stratification between the fertility ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’.

Our three-year project will provide a macro-sociological characterisation of the distinctive fertility transitions that have emerged in the post-ART context. We will document, compare and theorise post-ART fertility changes using detailed case studies from the UK and around the world. We will build on well-established research partnerships with 24 researchers in 16 countries.

Our findings will demonstrate how definitions and perceptions of fertility are changing – and why this is one of the most significant social changes in our era.