Wellcome Trust Career Trackers

Here you can find out about our Basic Science Career Tracker, Clinical Career Tracker and International Career Tracker. The trackers consist of an annual online survey to help us to follow the career paths and understand the career choices of Wellcome-funded researchers.

We would like to thank all of the researchers who have taken part in the surveys. As an organisation whose key focus is to support individual researchers in achieving their potential and delivering great science, we wouldn't be doing our job if we didn't know what those we fund do next.


The Wellcome Trust Evaluation Team launched Career Tracker in 2009 to track the career destinations of selected cohorts of Wellcome-funded researchers and to provide us with an understanding of the career choices of those we fund.

The tracker is also designed to help inform our provision of research and career support.

Wellcome Trust career tracker summary 2013 [PDF 271KB] includes background, methodology, selected results and a list of the schemes that we are currently tracking.


When exploring the data, you will see that respondents are analysed by Award, Cohort and Wave.

Basic Science Career Tracker

The Basic Science Career Tracker follows the career paths of a selection of basic science researchers.

Clinical Career Tracker

The Clinical Career Tracker follows the career paths of a selection of clinical fellows.

International Career Tracker

The International Career Tracker tracks the career progression of current and former fellows we've funded in low- and middle-income countries.

Who we’re tracking

The Wellcome case study series presents real examples of the career paths of former and current basic science Wellcome Trust-funded researchers.