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  • Biomedical science research
    Definition of Biomedical science research

    Research into all aspects of biomedical science

  • Population health research
    Definition of Population health research

    Population-based research that analyses data to learn more about the distribution and causes of disease within a group, or possible improvements to the health of a population.

  • Product development and applied research
    Definition of Product development and applied research

    The translation of ideas, discoveries and inventions into healthcare innovations.

  • Humanities and social science
    Definition of Humanities and social science

    Health research across the humanities and social sciences.

  • Public engagement and creative industries
    Definition of Public engagement and creative industries

    Projects that encourage people to consider, question and debate the key issues connected to health, research and the human condition.

  • Education
    Definition of Education

    Research to improve science education and shape education policy.

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    Countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia, and East Asia and Pacific, as defined by the World Bank.

These schemes support projects that encourage people to consider, question and debate the key issues connected to health, research and the human condition.

7 schemes available for removePublic engagement and creative industriesfilter

    Public Engagement Fund

    This funding is for anyone with a great idea for engaging the public in conversations about health-related science and research. 

    Inspiring Science Fund

    Supporting science centres across the UK. It's a capital fund that helps centres rethink what they do and what they offer to the public. 

    Engagement Fellowships

    Supporting and developing the careers of emerging leaders in public engagement.

    Science Media Studentships

    Offering financial support for PhD-level biomedical scientists to undertake postgraduate qualifications at Imperial College London or the National Film and Television School (NFTS).

    The Hub Award

    Bringing researchers and creative professionals together at Wellcome Collection to work as a collaborative residency.

    Sustaining Excellence Awards

    Giving long-term support to organisations we've already funded, to increase the impact of their public engagement projects and develop new ways of working. This scheme helps organisations plan for the future and become more resilient.

    Provision for Public Engagement within Research Grants

    Providing funding for Wellcome Trust researchers to engage the public with their work.