Researcher stories

Read about the career journeys of some of our researchers. Find out what makes research a rewarding career for them and the challenges they met along the way.  

Postgraduate training

Upul checks the PH level of the river

Upul's story: a clever blend of chemistry, activism and anthropology

To get into social science research, where his real interest lay, Upul had to do three Master's, find a supportive mentor and gain experience in different disciplines.

Postdoctoral research

Albert's story: a search for the ideal research environment

Albert always knew the type of research he wanted to do. But to find the right research environment he had to move from industry to academia, and to a new country.

Ben's story: clinician, scientist and entrepreneur

Ben has always had a strong sense of what he wants to do. But as a clinician, he had to find ways to balance research with medical training and clinical practice.

Lucy's story: a journey between different disciplines

Few careers are straightforward. Lucy took two years' break from academia, changed disciplines to return – and became a new parent just as she started her postdoc.

Leading a research programme

Liz surrounded by members of her team

Liz's story: how she transformed HIV testing in Africa

As a world-renowned scientist, Liz had to navigate plenty of obstacles throughout her career – from getting support for early-stage research ideas to influencing international policy.

Stephen and his team at the one of their team meetings

Stephen's story: to build a lab you have to build your team

For Stephen, setting up a lab meant dealing with some predictable challenges, like building a team, but also some unpredictable ones.