PhD Programmes Committee

This committee considers applications for PhD Programmes for Clinicians and Four-year PhD Programmes in Science.

Members are listed below. Additional experts will join the panel as necessary.


Dr Daniel Douek (Chair)

National Institutes of Health, USA

Professor Garrett FitzGerald

University of Pennsylvania, USA

Professor Michael Fored

Karolinska Institute, Sweden

Professor Laura Green

University of Warwick

Professor Helke Hillebrand

European Molecular Biology Laboratory, Germany

Professor Brigid Hogan

Duke University, USA

Professor William (Bill) Reid

NHS Education Scotland

Professor Morgan Sheng

Genentech Incorporation, USA

Dr Tyra Wolfsberg

National Institutes of Health, USA


Helen Thompson

Genetics and Molecular Sciences Team Manager

Wellcome Trust


We expect members to comply with our Conflict of Interest Policy [PDF 137KB].