Guidelines on good research practice

The Wellcome Trust expects the researchers it funds to adhere to the highest standards of integrity. To facilitate this it has drawn up these Guidelines on Good Research Practice.

The Wellcome Trust funds a wide range of research, including biomedical science, biomedical ethics, social sciences and history of medicine. These Guidelines on Good Research Practice are designed to apply to all the research that the Wellcome Trust funds.

Institutions are expected to have in place their own published standards of good research practice. In addition, it is a condition of Wellcome Trust grants that host institutions in the UK and the Republic of Ireland have in place formal written procedures for the investigation of allegations of research misconduct. The Wellcome Trust has also drawn up a Statement on the Handling of Allegations of Research Misconduct, which should be read in conjunction with the Guidelines on Good Research Practice.

1 Introduction

2 Integrity

3 Openness

4 Guidance from professional bodies

5 Leadership and cooperation

6 Supervision

7 Training

8 Primary data/samples

9 Ethical practice

9.1 Research involving human participants

9.2 Research involving animals

9.3 Risks of research misuse

10 Publication practice

November 2005

(This is an updated version. The first version of these guidelines was published in January 2002.)


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