International Engagement Awards

International Engagement Awards have been replaced by the Public Engagement Fund.

Previously, our International Engagement Awards provided funding for innovative public or community engagement projects that explored health research in Africa and Asia.

Scheme at a glance

This scheme is now closed

Project stage:

Research and development, Production and project delivery, Building your organisation

Where your audience is:

Selected low- and middle-income countries

Level of funding:

Up to £30,000

Duration of funding:

Up to 3 years

Who can apply

International Engagement Awards are open to a range of applicants, including scientists and health researchers, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), educators, artists, theatre practitioners, and cultural and community organisations.

A biomedical scientist or health researcher must lead or work on your project.

Your audience, and the engagement activity, must be in a low- or middle-income country within Sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia or East Asia. 

Go to the World Bank website to see a list of low- and middle-income countries.

Who can't apply

You can't apply if your proposal is mainly about:

  • health promotion or a campaign (ie any project that's trying to change behaviour or raise awareness of an issue)
  • art for therapeutic purposes
  • simple health information provision
  • academic research, apart from when it's integral to the development of the initiative (eg action research).

What we're looking for

Projects should:

  • encourage discussion about health research and its impact on communities
  • promote innovative partnerships between community organisations, arts and culture, and health researchers 
  • develop individuals, organisations and societies so they can carry out high-quality community engagement with health research in the future (capacity building).

Competitive projects come in many forms, such as community-led digital storytelling, collaborative theatre projects or café-style debates. 

If you're a scientist or researcher, we encourage you to work with partners outside science. These partners could be NGOs, educators, artists, theatre practitioners, and cultural and community organisations.

International Engagement Awards are up to £30,000, for projects of up to three years. Our support can include:

    funding for staff directly related to the project, unless they are already funded by their organisation

    fees for other people who are essential to the project, such as consultants and artists

    essential materials and consumables, such as workshop materials, printing and stationery

    essential equipment

    production costs, press and marketing for the dissemination of the work

    travel and subsistence costs that you can justify

    evaluation and dissemination

  • We cover administration and support costs if:

    • your host organisation is in a low- or middle-income country.
    • your grant will be directly awarded to that organisation.

    These costs are in addition to the £30,000 limit for your public engagement project.

    They may include:

    • administration, eg grant management, technical and administrative services
    • other costs which are necessary for your project, eg computing and internet access costs, access to electronic resources, facility and running costs such as utilities, furniture, waste disposal and incineration, and building maintenance.

    Go to the World Bank website to see a list of low- and middle-income countries.

    How to apply for these costs

    You must

    • give a full breakdown of costs in your grant application form
    • explain why these costs are necessary to your project
    • include a letter from the finance director of your host organisation with your application, confirming that the costs are a true representation of the costs incurred.
  • You can ask for up to 5% of the total amount you're requesting as contingency.

What we don’t offer

We don't provide funds for directly allocated or indirect costs unless they're included on this page.

International Engagement Awards have been replaced by the Public Engagement Fund.

Disabled applicants

If you are disabled or have a chronic health condition, we can support you with the application process.


Research and development
Production and project delivery
Building your organisation
Selected low- and middle-income countries

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