Supplementary funding

We expect our grantholders to manage within the funds we've awarded and not need extra funds. But there are circumstances when grantholders can ask us for supplementary funding.

We provide supplementary funding to cover:

You must include evidence with your request to show that the standard institutional process has been followed. For sick leave, tell us when you took sick leave and for how long, but please do not share any sensitive personal health information with us.

We don't provide supplementary funding when the actual costs of employing staff are more than the salary budget we've awarded. For example, when:

We no longer supplement fellowship salary budgets to meet actual salary costs. This policy changed in December 2015 and requests for supplements had to be made before 1 October 2016.

You can use any of the other funds on your grant to cover the actual costs of employing staff.

Any questions?

Please contact our Grants Information Desk for advice.

Contact us

Contact our information officers if you have a question about funding.