Costs grantholders can claim on a grant

These are the costs we will pay if you hold a Wellcome grant.

This information is for grantholders based in UK and Irish organisations. Different rules apply if you're based in any other country. If you are, contact us for advice.

If you are applying for a grant, you should read the 'What we offer' section on the relevant scheme webpage to see which costs you can ask for.

Wellcome funds must not be used to supplement support from other funding bodies.

Costs you can claim

Staff salary costs

Covers staff working full or part-time on your project, including:

You can claim a contribution towards the salary of departmental technicians funded by Research England and its equivalents in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Visa, work permit and immigration health surcharge costs

Covers visa and work permit costs for researchers whose salary is funded by your grant. Costs can include:

Settled status application costs

Covers researchers, their partner and dependants who:

Service charges

Covers charges from an external supplier to deliver a piece of work (for example, sequencing costs, antibody production, large-scale data storage or providing expert consultancy advice).

Recruitment costs


Materials and consumables costs


Animal research costs

You can claim for:

Equipment costs

You can claim for:

Equipment maintenance costs


Equipment access charges


You can’t claim for depreciation costs.

Facility access charges

Covers use of research facilities at the host organisation if they’re essential to the project. Cost calculations may include:

Costs should not include:

Computing costs


Academic paper publication costs

You can claim for page charges and the cost of colour prints.

Open access article processing charges should be claimed through the university central block award that Wellcome provides.

Specialist publication costs

Research-relevant publications that aren't available in institutional libraries.

Clinical, epidemiological and qualitative research studies costs


Subject and volunteer expenses


Public engagement and dissemination activity costs


Data management and sharing plan costs

Covers costs associated with delivering data management and sharing plans.

Patent and registered design filing costs

Covers the costs of drafting, filing and prosecuting applications for registered IP rights to the point of grant, to protect Wellcome-funded IP.

You can't claim costs for renewing, exploiting, or asserting IP against third parties.

Catering costs


Poster costs

Covers costs of producing, displaying and presenting posters (for example at conferences).

Training costs

You can claim for:

Travel costs

Covers costs for lead applicants, staff employed on the grant or others contributing to the research to:

You can also claim costs to cover caring responsibilities if you or any staff employed on your grant attend a conference or research meeting. This includes childcare and any other caring responsibility you have, provided:

You can claim up to £1,000 per person for each conference to cover caring costs.

Subsistence costs

Covers lead applicants, staff employed on your grant or others contributing to the research to work away from their host organisation for less than 12 months.

Costs can include:

See the relevant scheme webpage guidance for details.

Fieldwork costs

Covers surveys, data collection and statistical analysis.

Costs you may be able to claim

You can only claim these costs if:

Phone, iPad and tablet costs


Stationery and other miscellaneous office expenses


Printing and photocopying costs


Removal and relocation expenses

Only provided in specific circumstances, for example, as part of an International Recruitment Supplement award.

Overseas allowances

For lead applicants, staff employed on the grant or others contributing to the research to work away from their host organisation (and for accompanying partners and dependants).

See the relevant scheme webpage for details on the allowances you can claim for.

VAT and import duties

You can only claim these if the usual VAT exemptions for UK biomedical research don't apply.

Other costs


Costs you cannot claim

We won't pay for:

Salary recovery costs

Staff costs for lead applicants, co-investigators, departmental administrative staff and other staff who are funded full-time by the employing organisation or Research England and its equivalents in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Overhead costs


Read our overheads policy.

Cleaning and other ad hoc estate costs (excluding animal research related costs)


Shared catering costs


Non-research related activity costs


Miscellaneous equipment-related costs

Equipment maintenance for non-Wellcome funded equipment, equipment disposal costs, equipment insurance.

Open access costs

You can’t claim for this on individual research grants. If your organisation receives block funding through the UK’s Charity Open Access Fund you can ask it to cover these costs. If not, we’ll supplement your grant when your paper has been accepted for publication. If your grant has ended, we have an alternative method for paying these costs.

Publication costs

Publications and journals available in institutional libraries.

Indemnity insurance

Insurance cover against claims made by subjects or patients associated with a research programme.

Other costs


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