10 per cent retention policy

Wellcome is placing an increasing emphasis on evaluating the impact of the research we fund and ensuring the published outputs are disseminated to the widest possible audience.

The End of Grant Report is a key tool in assessing the grants we have funded, enabling us to review the outputs and outcomes of recently completed research, assess the quality of the research undertaken and identify important questions raised.

To help ensure all our research can be evaluated, we only pay out the final 10 per cent of the total budget once an End of Grant Report has been returned and the research publications detailed in the report comply with our open access policy.

Grant types covered by the 10 per cent retention rule

The 10 per cent retention rule applies to all conventional Wellcome grants, including Investigator Awards, project, programme and equipment grants, fellowships, studentships and Strategic Awards.

The rule doesn't apply to those grants where it is a condition of the award that payments:

Joint grants

Holders of joint grants (ie where funds for the project are awarded to two or more organisations) should note the following:

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