Four-year PhD Programmes in Science

This scheme supports PhD programmes in the UK and Republic of Ireland to train biomedical and public health researchers.

Scheme at a glance

Where your host organisation is based:

UK, Republic of Ireland

Type of researcher:

Basic, Public health

Level of funding:

Studentship stipends, fees and other costs

Duration of funding:

Usually 5 years

Who can apply

Your programme should be based at an eligible organisation in the UK or the Republic of Ireland.

The lead applicant should be the proposed director of the programme. This person should be an international leader in their field with a strong track record in postgraduate research training.

Your organisation can apply for more than one PhD programme if they're distinct from one another. If you’re thinking of doing this, please contact us first.

Applications for new programmes will be considered in competition with any existing programmes that apply for renewal.

What we're looking for

We’re looking for PhD programmes in leading academic research environments that will offer graduates high-quality, specialised and innovative training.

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Scheme finder

    We provide five years’ support for a PhD programme. Your proposed PhD programme should usually have three to five students a year.

    Each student recruited to a successful programme will be given:

      • If you're based outside London:

        • Year 1: £19,919
        • Year 2: £21,542
        • Year 3: £23,298
        • Year 4: £23,997

        If you're based in London:

        • Year 1: £22,278
        • Year 2: £24,093
        • Year 3: £26,057
        • Year 4: £26,839
      • PhD registration fees at the UK/EU student rate
      • college fees (where required)

The current call is now closed.

Stages of application

  1. Submit your preliminary application

  2. Assessment of your preliminary application

    The PhD Programmes Committee will assess your preliminary application.

  3. Submit your full application

    If suitable, we’ll invite you to submit a full application.

  4. External written peer review

    We’ll seek written comments from external expert reviewers, including members of our Peer Review College.

  5. Assessment of full application

    The PhD Programmes Committee will assess your full application. We’ll give you a decision within a month.

More information

Find out about how we've worked with the funding community to develop principles and obligations setting out what we expect from those responsible for clinical training, trainees and funders across the UK.


Republic of Ireland

You're not a clinically qualified researcher.

Public health

Key dates

The current call is now closed.

Contact us

If you have a question, contact:

Contact our information officers if you need help with our online grants system (Grant Tracker).