Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience Expert Review Group

This expert review group shortlists candidates for:

Its remit includes: 

  • basic neurobiology
  • neural signalling and function
  • sensory neuroscience
  • autonomic nervous system
  • neuro-immunology
  • genetics with detailed phenotypic assessments at the cellular level.


Professor Miles Whittington (Chair)

Hull York Medical School

Professor Camilla Bellone

University of Geneva, Switzerland

Dr Rosa Cossart

Inserm, France

Professor Britta Eickholt

Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Germany

Professor Denise Fitzgerald

Queen's University Belfast

Professor Roland Fleming

University of Giessen, Germany

Professor Francois Guillemot

The Francis Crick Institute

Professor Peter Robin Hiesinger

Free University of Berlin, Germany

Professor Máté Lengyel

University of Cambridge

Professor Giovanna Mallucci

University of Cambridge

Professor Matthew Nolan

University of Edinburgh

Professor Gilad Silberberg

Karolinska Institute, Sweden


Lucy Clulow

Senior Grants Adviser, Neuroscience and Mental Health

Wellcome Trust


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