Vaccines team

We work with experts and partner organisations, including vaccine manufacturers, governmental and non-governmental bodies, academic researchers and charities, to:

  • support the development of new and improved vaccines
  • enable better and broader use of the vaccines that already exist.  

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Team contacts

Charlie Weller

Head of Vaccines Programme

Anna Mouser

Policy Lead

Freya Hopper

Programme Manager

Our work

Coronavirus (COVID-19): supporting global research and development

We want to help the world overcome the COVID-19 pandemic. We're supporting research and development, and working to make sure that any new vaccines, tests and treatments are mass-produced quickly and reach everyone who needs them.

Vaccines: a world equipped to combat infectious disease

Vaccines prevent disease, save countless lives and cut healthcare costs. We want to help develop new vaccines and work out how to use the existing ones in a better way.