We encourage conversations about science and health that are informed and inclusive. It’s through these conversations that great ideas are shaped and shared. 

Team contacts

Imran Khan

Head of Public Engagement

Katie Ellery

Public Engagement Administrator

Greer Roberts

Funding and Activities Lead

Haidee Bell

Creative and Partnerships Lead

Carla Ross

Research and Evidence Lead

Our work

Wellcome Global Monitor

The Wellcome Global Monitor is the world’s largest study into how people around the world think and feel about science and major health challenges.

How we engage the public

The people, projects and places we support include everyone from small community groups and charities to Nobel Prize winners and national galleries.

Public engagement support for researchers

Sharing your ideas with the public and getting new perspectives can enhance your research. We offer public engagement funding, advice and training opportunities for all Wellcome-funded researchers.


Two people facing wall full of posters with information about sleep and health, as part of the workshop and installation Night Club.

Opinion | 6 June 2019

New funding model to replace the Public Engagement Fund by Imran Khan, Greer Roberts

Woman speaks at a workshop

Opinion | 20 May 2019

Research institutions are best placed to support researchers with public engagement by Rebecca Jones, Georgia Bladon

Two people in conversation

Opinion | 25 April 2019

What we’ve funded in our latest Public Engagement Fund awards by Alexandra Parsons

More news


Wellcome Global Monitor Questionnaire Development Report [PDF 939KB]

Report | February 2018

A report about how the questionnaire for the Global Monitor was developed to collect people's views about science and key health challenges.

The Art of Health [PDF 6.3MB]

Report | November 2016

This report is based on discussions at our annual international engagement workshop, which was held in Mumbai, India, in 2016. It explored the use of creative and artistic methods in engaging communities with science and health research.

International public engagement: gathering views of engagement with research across Africa and India [PDF 721KB]

Report | September 2016

We examine attitudes to public engagement with research across our funding portfolio in low- and middle-income countries.

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